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Wildlife Haven Partners with Delta Marsh Bird Observatory

Wildlife Haven Partners with Delta Marsh Bird Observatory

Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre is proud to announce a new partnership with Delta Marsh Bird Observatory! Together, we are introducing a Bird Banding Program at Wildlife Haven. The goal is to band native songbird patients before they are released from care in order to monitor their survival post-release, and to contribute to migration monitoring data.

Bird banding is a scientific research tool that involves the attachment of a small, non-invasive aluminum band to a bird’s leg. Each band has its own unique number in the event that the bird is re-caught or the band is recovered by banders. All data attached to that individual bird will then be stored in an international database, accessible to scientists through Canada’s Bird Banding Office and the United States’ Bird Banding Laboratory. Wildlife Haven, with the help of Delta Marsh, will be banding songbird patients in care before their release.

Each year, over 1 million birds are banded in Canada and the United States. The more birds that are banded, the more likely researchers are able to recapture and collect the data from the individuals.

The data collected includes species ID, sex, age, reproductive status, moult, wing length and weight. Data from banding programs can reveal migratory patterns, changes in population demographics, annual variation in breeding patterns and understanding of causes of avian mortality. By studying these data, scientists can establish important breeding grounds, migratory patterns, discover what certain species need most at certain times of year and more. It is important to protect ecosystems that support biodiversity to help wildlife thrive.

Delta Marsh has been the only Manitoban banding station in the continent-wide Canadian Migration Monitoring Network since 1992. Operating out of the Oak Hammock Marsh Wildlife Management Area, the organization has banded over 50,000 songbirds since its inception. Wildlife Haven admits hundreds of songbirds into care annually from all over the province. As a team, Wildlife Haven and Delta Marsh Bird Observatory can contribute valuable data to conservation efforts in an effort to protect Manitoba’s wildlife.

Here’s how you can help! Report any recovered bands to or call 1-800-327-BAND (2263) toll-free to leave a message. By reporting the bands that you find, you are contributing directly to conservation efforts.

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