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Here's a brief summary of our most recent intake policy changes and frequently asked questions to help you out!

A message from our Executive Director:

As a non-profit organization, we face challenges amidst economic shifts and decreased volunteer engagement. The past years, marked by the pandemic and Avian Influenza, have been tough. We strive to maintain our commitment to wildlife protection despite strained resources in staff, volunteers, and funding.

Given these factors, we’ve made some difficult decisions for the Spring/Summer season of 2024:

Invasive Species Moratorium:

We are no longer treating invasive species like rock doves (pigeons), European starlings, and house sparrows to better align with conservation values.
These species have been shown to decrease the survival and population numbers of native Manitoba songbirds.

Raccoon Moratorium - three-year pause:
We will no longer treat raccoons due to concerns about the high risk of disease transmission to humans and animals and the unsustainable cost to our monetary and human resources. This is a three-year pause, after which we will re-evaluate the decision.
Observations show that raccoons are in a state of overpopulation, often exhibiting nuisance behaviours. They are highly adaptable in urban and rural areas, and their range is continuously expanding. Simply put, the population does not need our help.

Limiting species eligible for rescues and pick-ups:
We are now limiting rescues and pick-ups to specific categories of animals that could be dangerous when mishandled.
These species are: large raptors & owls (ex, eagles, Red-tailed Hawks, long-eared owls, peregrine falcons), large waterfowl (ex, adult geese, pelicans, swans, loons, heron), medium mammals (eg: fox, coyote, beaver, otter) and bats.

We remain committed to treating over 170 species of native Manitoba wildlife that are sick, injured and orphaned. Please use our drop-off locations or bring them directly to our Wildlife Haven campus for prompt care.

We understand that these changes can be difficult, these decisions were not taken lightly. We are grateful for the ongoing support of Manitobans. The generosity from our community over the past 40 years is truly heartwarming, and I’m privileged to work alongside you all to protect Manitoba’s wildlife.

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