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We are always looking for hard working and passionate people to join our team! We conduct training in the spring and late summer, or as needed.


Help give wildlife a second chance!

Each day dozens of volunteers donate their time to rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife in need and educate our community on the importance of caring for wildlife. Our volunteer team plays an integral role in the rescue, care and release of our wildlife patients, as well as with our Wildlife Ambassadors in the Education Program.



Our hospital volunteers help our wildlife rehabilitation staff care for wildlife patients. Tasks include cleaning the patient enclosures, cleaning the hospital, preparing patient meals, assisting with rehabilitative care, laundry and much more.

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Our rescue volunteers aid in the rescue and transport of injured wildlife from across Manitoba. They evaluate wildlife injuries in the field, contain and transport wildlife, and communicate with Wildlife Haven staff and the public.

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Our education volunteers are the faces of Wildlife Haven, attending trade shows, school presentations and community events all over Manitoba while sharing their passion, expertise and knowledge with people of all ages! They help with cleaning and daily care of our Wildlife Ambassadors.

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Interested in joining our team?

Fill out an application today! Please note we conduct volunteer training on an as-needed basis. The next training session may not be for a few months. If you have any questions, email!

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 Access the online volunteer portal here!


Are you a local organization or business that would like to volunteer as a group for a day?

We are often seeking a 1-day commitment from groups of volunteers from local businesses or organizations who would be interested in helping with some tasks here on campus! Tasks vary from habitat preparation to minor landscaping and maintenance projects. If interested, please reach out today! 

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