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Wildlife Haven Open's Manitoba's First Wildlife Veterinary Hospital

Wildlife Haven Open's Manitoba's First Wildlife Veterinary Hospital


Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre in Ile-Des-Chênes is excited to announce the opening of Manitoba's first Wildlife Veterinary Hospital!

The newly accredited Wildlife Veterinary Hospital is fully equipped with a full-time licensed veterinarian, diagnostic equipment, and an operating room to provide emergency care, procedures, and surgeries for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife from all over Manitoba.

As of today, in 2021, Wildlife Haven has treated 2,300 wildlife patients, an increase of 21.5% from last year. The opening of the Wildlife Veterinary Hospital at the Wildlife Haven Campus has not come a day too early and will save many lives.

As the Wildlife Haven Veterinary Hospital officially opens, we are expecting to see a significant increase in survival rates by the end of 2021. Wildlife Haven now has the capabilities, equipment, and expertise to do diagnostic imaging,  administer controlled  medication and perform surgeries on Manitoba wildlife, at the Wildlife Haven Campus.

The Opening of the Wildlife Haven Veterinary Hospital also marks the creation of a new partnership between Wildlife Haven and the National Wildlife Centre (Caledon, ON). Together, we have worked to create a Wildlife Veterinary Internship position at Wildlife Haven.  This one-year internship position is an opportunity for a veterinarian looking to further their experience and knowledge in specialized wildlife care and be mentored and trained by Dr. Sherri Cox, Wildlife Veterinarian, Medical Director at the National Wildlife Centre. This is one of only a handful of internships of this kind in Canada.

For its first year internship, Wildlife Haven and the National Wildlife Centre is proud to welcome, Dr. Gilbert as we embark on this exciting new phase together at the Wildlife Haven Veterinary Hospital. Originally from Houston, Texas, Dr. Gilbert completed veterinary school at St.George University with her clinical year at the University of Illinois.

With this new partnership, the Wildlife Haven Medical Team is now comprised of a full-time Veterinarian and several Certified Wildlife Rehabilitators, working collaboratively to implement robust medical treatment plans and  pre-release protocols for each patient in care at Wildlife Haven.

As an organization that values growth and learning, Wildlife Haven centers its operational focus on patient welfare and patient outcomes; ensuring that each patient is comfortable and experiences minimal stress while in care. The opening of the Wildlife Haven Veterinary Hospital will have an immense impact on Manitoba's wildlife community. It will help rescue, rehabilitate and release even more wildlife for their return to the wild!

Wildlife Haven relies on the generous support of donors, volunteers, and community partners to rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife and to educate about the awareness, appreciation, and peaceful coexistence with wildlife. 

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