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Murray Education Centre

Captivating audiences with exciting and educational presentations, the Murray Education Centre at Wildlife haven delivers on site and outreach presentations and activities! These workshops and presentations are perfect for schools, service clubs, community events, senior living centres, corporations or any other occasion for audiences eager to learn about wildlife!

Captivating Audiences with Wildlife Education Presentations

Want to learn more about wildlife? Our Wildlife Ambassadors attend presentations and information booths for an experience you will never forget!

Each non-releasable Wildlife Ambassador has a story to tell about why they are not able to return to the wild and a lesson to teach about how we peacefully coexist with wildlife. From owls, hawks and falcons, to reptiles and amphibians - our presentations give you a chance to meet them up close!

To book a presentation or information booth contact our Education Coordinator for more information.

What can you expect from a Wildlife Ambassador visit?
Our experienced educators will bring fascinating props and other unique tools to get your students excited about wildlife. Special appearances by our non-releasable Wildlife Ambassadors make each learning session a one-of-a-kind experience!

Frogs, Scales N’ RepTales
Explore the amazing world of reptiles and amphibians! Learn the part they play in keeping our ecosystems healthy, and discover all the interesting ways these creatures adapt to living in our climate. Enjoy a live demonstration with some of Manitoba’s most secretive toads, salamanders, and snakes! This program can be customized to fit your group’s needs.

Raptor Rendezvous
Get nose-to-beak with one of our live, non-releasable wildlife ambassadors. Discover the marvelous adaptations and natural history of these top airborne predators. Inquire about our optional pellet dissection for a great hands-on experience. Maximum group size is 30. (45 min) for all ages.

Keeping ‘Em Wild
How you can help wild spring babies and avoid the common mistake of kidnapping young animals and birds. Special appearance from one of our live non-releasable Wildlife Ambassadors. Maximum group size is 30. (45 min) Ages 5-9.

Raptors and Reptiles: Adaptations for Survival
Using live raptors and reptiles, we can discover how these animals use special “tools” and adaptations for survival. Examine a hawk’s talons, a turtle’s shell, and a snake’s scales. How do they hunt and hide? Are they “nocturnal”, “diurnal”, or “crepuscular”? Can we tell by looking at them what they eat? Are they ruthless killers or do they balance fragile ecosystems? Raptors and Reptiles will answer all these questions and more.

If you don’t see a program that fits your needs, we are able to structure a program that suits your requirements. We can customize material for any age or audience incorporating themes like wildlife ecology, wildlife rehabilitation, conservation, biodiversity, seasonal adaptations, habitat preservation, and more.