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Nonsuch x Wildlife Haven 

Working Together, To Keep Them Wild.

Nonsuch Breweries and Wildlife Haven have partnered up to create a unique Farmhouse Ale. Working together, to raise awareness about the importance of peaceful co-existence with the neighbouring wildlife community and keeping them in nature, where they belong! Nonsuch is generously donating $1 per pack to help provide medical care to sick, injured and orphaned wildlife in Manitoba!

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About The Beer

Writing about beer is like dancing about architecture – but still, here's our best effort to give you a taste of this ale. This beer is a refreshingly light, hazy, citrus medley with funky fruit notes.  Let's dive in further… What style is it?

Wild Life is an American Farmhouse ale brewed with wild yeast, Brettanomyces.

What is Brettanomyces?
It's a specific type of yeast. The name means "British fungus" but it's not as regional as that might suggest. Brettanomyces grows naturally on the skins of fruits of all kinds. It exists in the ambient environment, or you could say, in the wild.

The Wild Life Beer is available at: 
- Nonsuch Taproom (SOLD OUT) 
- Craft Beer Market - Quality Inn Beer Store (685 Weatherdon Ave, Winnipeg)
- The Riverside Winnipeg (531 St Mary's Rd, Winnipeg)
- Oui Got Beer (393 Marion St, Winnipeg)
- Beer Boutique (910 Regent Ave, Winnipeg) 
- Charleswood Beer Market (6600 Roblin Blvd, Winnipeg)

Also available at the following Liquor Marts: 
Click here for updated Liquor Marts list
- Charleswood 
- Crestview 
- Eastwinds
- Grant Park 
- Kenaston Crossing 
- Madison Square 
- Northdale 
- Seasons 
- Tuxedo 


Hi! I'm Ash.

Each non-releasable Wildlife Haven Ambassador has a story to tell about why they are not able to return to the wild and a lesson to teach about how we peacefully coexist with wildlife. From owls, hawks and falcons, to reptiles and amphibians - our presentations give you a chance to meet them up close!

Ash is a Great-Grey Owl, 1 of  16 ambassadors here!
She was found as an orphaned fledgling, and became imprinted on her rescuers. Ash no longer recognizes herself as her own species, and identified more with humans. Due to this, Ash can never be released and is now lives a safe, and happy life as a permanent resident at Wildlife Haven!

Learn More About Our Ambassadors!


1$ per pack donated to Wildlife Haven!

As you're enjoying a can of Wild Life by Nonsuch, you're also supporting sick, injured and orphaned wildlife in Manitoba. 

Nonsuch Breweries is generously donating 1$ per pack to Wildlife Haven to help provide medical care to wildlife patients admitted to the Wildlife Haven Veterinary Hospital in 2022. 

Thank you for supporting wildlife in need!

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